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Virginia BareWayne is one of the most remarkably versatile designers I've ever met. He is a strong program manager and a problem solver. I have done many projects with Wayne--if he says he can do it, he will.

–Virginia Bare,
Principle Consultant at the Crawford Group

Bruce PharrIt's difficult to put a label on Wayne, because he's so good at so many things. We hired him at Symyx to manage a website project that was 6 months late and in disarray. He immediately took control, moved the project plan online, and put all the moving parts in order. But he didn't stop there. When content was missing, he wrote it. When graphics were missing, he created them. He herded cats with a confidence and sense of humor that took the edge off a very stressful situation. He was equally effective working at every level up, down and across the organization, and he drove the project to completion in 2 months. I would not hesitate to hire Wayne again, and I strongly recommend him for project management and creative development.

–Bruce Pharr,
Science and Technology Marketing Consultant

Wayne Creekmore's skills at project management and quality assurance were a great benefit during the content migration and launch of the major redesign of the Symyx website. The content migration was a complex task involving many stakeholders, a large volume of content, and major rewrite of content with associated links. His attention to details was very helpful.

–John Novicki,
Nimbus Design

Wayne boldly took a website integration project that was 6 months delayed and pushed through organizational and timeline issues to have the project completed in 3 months, through sleepless nights, weekends, and multiple holidays. Wayne did not only perform every function needed from a project manager, but also filled in for other roles when needed. In short, we would not have been able to complete our website integration with such an aggressive schedule if it had not been for Wayne's leadership and skills.

–Caroline Tsou,

Mark LonerganWayne Creekmore has played an enormous role in the growth of Lonergan Partners, starting with the creation of this firm's first commercial-grade company website back in 2007. Wayne and his partner Stephanie have helped us redefine and re-think the way we communicate with our clients, going FAR beyond simple website design and execution.

–Mark Lonergan,
Lonergan Partners