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Corporate & Product Branding


The logo of a company, product, and service can be just as important as the product or service provided. The brand of a company is more than a mere logo, encompassing perceptions about service and quality as well.

If you are an established and successful company, your concerns are likely to be focused on your brand and you are likely to be willing and able to provide the funds to support or change perceptions about it.

If you are a startup or small business owner, your concerns and budget will be spread across many different areas, your logo/brand being only one of them.

An abstract design, a unique name, the unique name in a distinctive font with or without an additional graphic element, the initials of the company or product—all can be termed a logo, mark, or brand. Which approach should be taken will be determined by the target market, where the company is in its development, how much funding is available, and what is appropriate for the company to spend on marketing and advertising.

We can help you sort through what you should do, develop an identity plan, create your brand, apply it wherever it's needed, as well as help you market and maintain it over time.

Brand Name Creation

We work with companies to create, clarify, or organize the names of their company, products, and services. In doing this service, we keep an eye to what can be legally protected, what's available to have, and what can be found by search engines. To clarify what a company does, we may suggest a tag line or service mark. To legally protect (make unique) products and services, we may suggest a naming convention that incorporates the (already protected) company name. When an Internet presence (primary or micro-site) is involved, we suggest domain names based on best practices for SEO.

Logo Package

This package includes the development of the mark itself and all the versions necessary for use in print, in presentations, and on the Web.

Stationery Package

A stationery package includes applying the logo to letterhead, second sheet, business card, envelope, and label designs in file formats ready for high-quality printing and for use in Microsoft Word.

Brand Standards Guide

A brand standards guide includes instructions for the use of brand variations, digital and printing colors, sizes, dimensional and placement relationships to tag lines or service marks, legal representation, samples of acceptable and unacceptable use, and other specifications. A brand standards guide ensures that the brand is consistently represented by multiple authors and vendors over an extended period of time should the brand's creator not be available or utilized on an on-going basis.

Brand Applications

We also offer design services to develop other printed materials (brochures, packaging), exhibits and signage, and Web properties that extend, support, and market your new brand.