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Copywriting & Editing

Almost every project we do involves a lesser or greater degree of copywriting and editing. Sometimes a communication concept starts with text and then we may produce supportive imagery. Other times a concept starts with an image and words are added to clarify or elaborate. The combination of word and image achieves a degree of communication clarity and emotional impact that neither can accomplish on their own.

Listed below are the typical situations or projects where we provide varying degrees of copywriting and editing services.

Content Development

Here are some typical situations where we will develop content for websites.

  • A company has acquired other companies or technologies that must be seamlessly incorporated into the parent company's site.
  • A company is positioning or repositioning itself or its products and new content must be structured and created to support and communicate the new positioning.
  • Existing content is poorly written, constructed, or translated; verbose, unclear, inaccurate, or misleading.
  • Existing or new content is lacking consistency in nomenclature, typography, and writing style.

Glossary of Terms

For projects that have a variety of products and services, we typically will develop a glossary. This glossary contains the correct spelling, capitalization, concatenation, definitions, and legal expression of all divisions, departments, products, platforms, and services that the company offers. This glossary is then used across the company so all such references are consistently presented to employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Style Guides

We often produce one or more style guides for the development of content. A typographic style guide states how to deal with typographic elements such as capitalization, quote marks, indentation, paragraph spacing, block quotes, pull quotes, use of italics and boldface, whether to write in first, second, or third person, and the general "tone" or personality of the copy. A visual style guide will cover look-and-feel elements such as the use of the company brand, tag line or service mark, general use of white space, color palette, use of fonts and line spacing, and when and where to use buttons, links, and icons.

Advertising Copy

We are not, nor do we want to be, an advertising agency. We provide the development of ads for clients for whom we are doing other major work such ad website design or brand development.

User Guides & Books

Among the first of their kind, Creekmore-Behasa authored and illustrated two books that helped to explain how computers work and how to organize files and work environments, both targeted at novice users. We have also authored online help systems as well as installation and user guides.