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Client Support

We believe the role of a designer is always one of client support, regardless of the type or scale of the project.

Our Guiding Principles

In providing client support, we hold to the following professional principles:

  • Excellent design should be appreciated, but should not take precedence over understanding the content or using the product.
  • Always speak the truth to clients and provide them with options and recommendations, then get on board with their decisions or get out.
  • Never do harm to a client, their customers, or to the degree possible, the environment.
  • Provide solutions that are appropriate to the clients' goals, budgets, and timeframes.
  • Do what's best for the client because, in the long run, that will also be best for us.

As our clients come to know and trust us, we support them with an ever-widening range of services, from strategic counseling to managing and producing whole projects.

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job at Hand

We always select the best tool available to obtain the best results in the shortest amount of time. We do not "make work" to pad our billing, nor do we arbitrarily limit the selection of tools or processes to what we can do ourselves. Our decades of design and production experience brings a huge assortment of tools to every project we do. For those situations where a specialist would be better and more efficient, we maintain a network of technical consultants that can be brought in at the appropriate stages of a project.

Providing Appropriate Support for the Situation

The types of support we provide and the recommendations we make will vary considerably according to the scale of the client's operation and where they are in the developmental growth of their business.

Below are the varied roles we can play in providing client support. For many clients, we perform all these roles at one point or another. These support roles are appropriate for individuals, startups, and businesses of any size.

General Design & Communications Counsel

Much as a lawyer functions as a general counsel for a client, watching out for their best interest legally, we provide strategic feedback and direction on corporate and product branding, messaging, and user experience. In some cases, our involvement ends with our feedback. In others, we may be asked to monitor, develop, or manage tactical projects resulting from our suggestions.

Our decades of experience working with virtually every company level and function informs and guides our general design counsel role.

Creative & Technical Coaching

Sometimes our clients just want us to act as a sounding board, engage in a brain-storming session, provide technical or procedural training, or even validate what another consultant is saying or recommending. This usually takes the form of attending a meeting physically, online, or by phone and may only take minutes to complete.

Project Management

Our varied technical background, experience with all organizational levels and functions, and experience with creating and exiting from a technical startup, makes us uniquely qualified to manage large projects that involve different disciplines, vendors, consultants, and in-house staff. We know how to efficiently organize projects and motivate people.

Turn-key Project Production

We can create, manage, and produce whole projects, no matter how simple or complex. We only take on the amount of work that we can fully support and typically move very quickly, usually much more quickly than our clients are able to. We believe in clear communications and frequent contact with our clients. Our work is typically done in phases, with each phase being approved before proceeding to the next.

Ongoing Maintenance

Although we are focused on the creative process, we recognize that our clients want and need continuity in post-production maintenance, especially for web properties. We have been providing such maintenance for existing clients years after the initial completion of projects. We will not leave you in a lurch.